Episode 105 – Calgary Expo 2014

  Toddske, Tito and Ash discuss Arkham Rising even more at the Fan Films and Filmmaking Panel! (Recorded Live from Calgary Expo 2014)

Red State for Oscar

“I hate the wickedness in America…and all the sin worshipers who populate it. Rampant Fornication…Adultery…Abortion, flagrant sexuality in every corner of the media, movies, TV etc. Schools, Malls, Books, Toys, Music…everywhere…eeevvverrrryyywhhhherrreeee…” I know what people are going to say…Toddske is just a fanboy that wants to see a movie from … READ MORE

Episode 21 – A Somber Victory

Toddske and Tito get Audible with Sound Obsessions!! WHAT IS #OCT28YMM??? YMM Podcast