Special Episode – Press Play 2 – Chappie (2015)

In the latest episode of Press Play we opt for a brand new VFX-laden film from Neill Blomkamp called Chappie. Sitting in front of the tv again – talking morality and mortality: Steve, Ash, Matt, and Cat. Grab your copy and watch the number one rrrobot gangsta with us, fuck mothers!

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Music: “Volex” by Dj ABOX. Thank you!


Episode 120 – A Quickie on Sex Education


With the young athletes of the Western Canada Summer Games in town, the Podcast crew discuss the importance of Sex Education in today’s society as well as prepare for the LONG federal election!



Special Episode – To The Table 3 – Exploding Kittens

Ashcake hosts this episode gleefully after her support of the Exploding Kittens Kickstarter campaign paid off. The regular and NSFW versions have their day in this edition of To The Table, featuring Tacocats, Party Squirrels, Goat Wizards, and of course all of the boom cats.

Ashcake, Steve, Matt, and Cat take on the fiery felines.

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Music: “Losing Battle” by BrianSadler, “Nomad” by Jassummisko. Thank you!


Episode 119 – The War is Over!


The Podcast Crew debate on whether or not this podcast is about Fort McMurray anymore as well as get controversial on Bill C-51 and gun control in the US!



Special Episode – Press Play 1 – Mission: Impossible (1996)

With Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation fresh in theatres, the first episode of Press Play Commentary-Cast takes a look at the franchise’s rocky cinematic beginnings. Steve, Ash, Matt, and Cat (plus a feline-fueled visit from Cecily) celebrate and destroy what just has to be Ethan Hunt’s first mission. This podcast will not self-destruct in any way whatsoever.

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Music: “Volex” by Dj ABOX. Thank you!