WE'RE BACK...we missed you...

Episode 112 – What does Art mean to you?


Toddske and Tito invade the Suncor Community Leaders Reception on behalf of the Fort McMurray Filmmakers Association to chat with attendees about Art in Wood Buffalo! (Recorded in June 2014)

Suncor Reception

Episode 111 – Doom and Gloom


The Podcast Crew discuss how and why the world went to hell in a hand-basket over the past few months!


Episode 110 – Crazy Town Banana Pants


The Podcast Crew (Toddske, Tito, Brodie, Misty, Steve and Ashley) brings everyone up to speed on the hiatus and ramble on about what 2014 was and what 2015 will be!

Fortune Teller

Episode 109 – Indiegogo Filmmaking


The Podcast Crew welcome special guest, filmmaker Ryan Hanson, to discuss his latest project, the state of indie filmmaking as well as the Dookie Squad webseries out from Edmonton.



Episode 108 – The Fappening Finger Wag


The Podcast Crew dive deep into the leaked celebrity nudes incident that halted the internet this week and address the finger-waggers that said it was wrong to look at them!


Leaked Nudes