Episode 114 – TEDxYMM2015


Toddske and Tito welcome Matt Youens to the Dining Room Table to discuss the upcoming TEDxFortMcMurray show as well as say good-bye to a important Wood Buffalo community member!




Toddske Dent

Since Guy Boutilier resigned his seat on Council all those weeks ago, I’ve been inundated with the daily question; “Is Toddske going to run for Council?”.

I must admit I am flattered to even be asked. Now whether or not these people seriously think I can make a positive contribution to our Municipal Council or they’re just looking to see what kind of fool I can make of myself remains to be seen. Either way, I take it as a compliment!

A great Mayor of ours once said, “To be an elected official, you have to put the community ahead of your family”. I agree wholeheartedly with this statement. So much in fact, it’s the reason why I won’t be throwing my name in the hat for the upcoming Municipal By-Election.

My son, Kingston, is a very active 7 years-old. He’s a child of two worlds as me and his mother separated when he was only 1. As a single father, it’s my soul responsibility to ensure he gets exactly what he needs…and one of his biggest needs is to have a father there for him. I have no issue cancelling a podcast, rescheduling a meeting or delaying an event if my son requires something of me. If, by some miracle, I would be elected then that means I would be short-changing the residents of Wood Buffalo. There are a lot of things that weigh heavily on my conscience, but that can’t be one of them.

I’ve never been one to play the “political” game; I like to speak what’s on my mind, whether it’s appropriate or not, and that tends to get me trouble. What I do have is a deep love for this community and its future. I plan to be spending my life here and what I want is too see this community prosper, not only for our current residents to enjoy but those of my son’s generation. If I was to ever run for Council it would be on that merit; me wanting to do what’s right for our region and nothing more.

I have the utmost respect for those that serve the community and those that put their names forward in an election. I hope to do a podcast with all the candidates to see what they have to offer us.  It takes a lot to put the community ahead of family and it’s something I cannot do at this point in time.

#Toddske4Council…not yet, but maybe in the future. Until then, I’ll be throwing in my 2 cents worth whether it’s wanted or not!



Episode 113 – Life is a Cabaret


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Episode 112 – What does Art mean to you?


Toddske and Tito invade the Suncor Community Leaders Reception on behalf of the Fort McMurray Filmmakers Association to chat with attendees about Art in Wood Buffalo! (Recorded in June 2014)

Suncor Reception

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