The Wood Buffalo Food Bank Challenge, with your host, Ashcakesquiggle

The premise is simple: Several local media, bloggers, and podcasters in Fort McMurray will
attempt to live off a food bank food hamper from the Wood Buffalo Food Bank for up to 30
days and share their experiences through blogs, podcasts, radio interviews, and TV.

The premise may be simple sure, but the true meaning behind this Food Bank Challenge is far from simple.

Tomorrow I will be starting what may be the hardest month I’ve ever encountered. And while it’s true that I can not understand honestly what Poverty may feel like, (I mean, I can stop at any time and raid my pantry) I’m going to attempt to understand and with that, try to get you also to understand what it it’s like to live off of just a food hamper and a few staples.

What are we allowed to eat?
“Participants will receive a standard food hamper from the Wood Buffalo Food Bank the
same food hamper any other person would receive based on the number of people in their
house participating.
The Challenge is to exist for 30 days using the food provided in the food hamper, as well as
up to five basic pantry items (flour, sugar, coffee, etc.) of their choosing and up to 2
supplementary items from their own cupboards a day that are main ingredients such as
proteins, vegetables, starches etc… to supplement the food hamper for the month.
Participants will not eat out or accept free food or drink. To make their food supplies last
longer, the participants are welcome to use community meal programs (soup kitchens).”

So, Rule number One: don’t try give me food. I might gripe about being hungry and seem a little cranky, but don’t.

Now, the start up of this project just so happens to fall while I’m being taken down by a cold. I thought about bailing out, but for those who live this way, they can’t just bail whenever they feel like it.

I’ll try to keep the updates running, and give a little insight as to how I’m feeling and more what the Challenge is about as the days run on by.

Wish me Luck!

Ashcake of the Ladies Room Podcast

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