Episode 39 – Highway of Heartache

Toddske and Tito welcomes Theresa Wells, Steve Reeve, Ashley, Matt and basically the entire Fort McMurray Community into the Dining Room Table Studios for an interactive discussion regarding Highway 63 (Recorded from the Live Stream on April 29 2012)


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2 Responses to Episode 39 – Highway of Heartache

  1. Donna Fetzko says:

    Good job people! There is so many things that also contribute to this highway problem. Yes the Highway is very dangerous. I do not travel 63 but if we as a community would STOP Hiring commuters there would be ALOT less traffic. Seem you get paid more to live out of town. If the people that lived her would make this home rather then bitching about what our community DONT HAVE! and think about what we do have. Shop local rather then having to buy out of town. to save the $2000.00 on the car or truck they buy, Which means getting it serviced and things usually gets done out of town too.
    My family have lived her for many years and this community is AMAZING and strong seem all the kicks we take from all angles and just simply disrespected by government and citizens alike. Glad the community it finally pulling together to be a voice for the people that really LIVE here.

  2. Mike says:

    Fort McMurray isn’t the problem.

    The whackos exist EVERYWHERE. They drive EVERYWHERE.

    How do we get them to drive responsibly ? Legistlation ? Twin the highway ? Law Enforcement ?

    It’s a long highway and would cost a lot to have a continuous police presence covering it effectively. A “little more” won’t be enough. A concerted effort might.

    Legislation: Why not make 63 a Provincial Park and wildlife preserve. Look at Jasper and how nervous most drivers are through the park – not for safety – for fear of hitting an animal and landing a huge fine for doing so.

    Who cares if there isn’t important wildlife to preserve ? When has common sense ever stopped politicians from passing self serving legislation ? Why stop now especially when there is still a segment of the “wild west” that needs taming and people’s lives at stake ?

    Twinning: Don’t know why taking so long but policing may be a significantly lower cost in the short run. Based on the increase in freight and traffic – regardless of people not buying / living locally – Ft Mac NEEDS a better highway and as soon as possible.

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