Episode 28 – Worst. Holidays. Ever.

Toddske depresses the shit out of Tito as he recalls his horrible Holiday season. Welcome to 2012!

YMM Podcast
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3 Responses to Episode 28 – Worst. Holidays. Ever.

  1. Jeff Sulz says:

    I understand about shitty holidays. Ever since my wife left me for another man christmas without my family hasnt been the same. I tryed to continue on with dating or being with some others but its just not the same. I know about the dark times too because i have thought about suicide and how easy it would be to just not feel pain anymore.

    • toddske says:

      Thanks for the response Jeff. We all go through some bad times but as much as it may feel like suicide will take the pain away, it will ultimately only cause more for the people around you. If you ever need help, be sure to look up your local Crisis Hotline and give them a call. These folks are damn good at what they do and can help you out in immense ways!

  2. I have even considered suicide a few times, Its a fuc___ up condition man, but we all have hope they will find a cure or a solid management drug.

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