Episode 7 – Podcasturbation

Toddske and Tito discuss some hard lessons in podcasturbation! YMM Podcast

Episode 6 – Politcally Incorrect

Toddske and Tito learn the benefits of being hockey boys, why NOT to trust certain apps and how to be politically incorrect with our special guests! YMM Podcast

FEAR GOD! ‘Red State’ Movie Review

 “It’s gonna get grown-up in here…” The chilling phrase by Abin Cooper (played by Michael Parks) from Kevin Smith’s latest motion picture, Red State, basically sums up the entire film and its creative development process. Kevin Smith, known for his narrative, over-the-top, comedic characters, goes even deeper into the three things … READ MORE

Episode 5 – Far from Home

Toddske and Tito discuss their LA trip, podcast influences and some Fort Mac news while being stranded far from home! YMM Podcast

Special Episode Preview

Toddske and Tito prepare to invade Red State and the City of Angels!   YMM Podcast