Red State for Oscar

“I hate the wickedness in America…and all the sin worshipers who populate it. Rampant Fornication…Adultery…Abortion, flagrant sexuality in every corner of the media, movies, TV etc. Schools, Malls, Books, Toys, Music…everywhere…eeevvverrrryyywhhhherrreeee…” I know what people are going to say…Toddske is just a fanboy that wants to see a movie from … READ MORE


“People just do the strangest things when they believe they’re entitled….but they do even stranger things when they just plain believe…” Our FILM FEAR event was held this past weekend in the Keyano Recital Theatre. To plan an event featuring your favorite genre of movies and to simply dress up/hang out … READ MORE

Episode 24 – FrankenCast

Toddske and Tito bring you the final countdown to FILM FEAR!!!! A mixture of podcasts with Toddske, Tito and Doug that bring you all the Halloween fun from the world of CineFiles! YMM Podcast

Episode 23 – Peoples Gotta Be Less Prude

Time to get all HALLOWEENIE as Toddske tells his harrowing tale of being kicked out of a Canucks Game while Tito comments on Alberta’s new Premier…#FILMFEAR is only 3 Weeks Away!! YMM Podcast

Episode 22 – The Twitter Dick

Toddske explains why he’s a dick on Twitter while weighing in on the Fly In/Fly Out issue and Tito announces our next event for Fort Mac!