Episode 68 – Bedtime Stories

  Toddske and Tito welcomes McCully, Misha, Steph and Misty to the Dining Room Table to give us the rundown of the latest Keyano Theatre Production, BEDTIME STORIES!

Special Episode – CineFiles 3

*WARNING* FOR GEEKS ONLY – Nolan Haukeness returns to help Tito convince Toddske that Netflix is the way to go…definite SPOILER ALERT for this episode!                

Episode 2 – Money and Addiction

Drugs are bad! mmkay! Toddske and Tito discuss drug testing and drug use in Fort McMurray; also, does Ft Mac need a Robocop!?

Episode 1 – The Phantom Fatness

Toddske and Tito ramble about why the should… or shouldn’t be doing a podcast. Nothing more awkward than your first time AND WHERE THE HELL IS THAT BREATHING COMING FROM!?