Episode 27 – Hookers and Blow? NO!

Tito sits this one out as Toddske, Theresa (@McMurrayMusings) and Steve Reeve (@Steve_Reeve) find out if Fort Mac is the “Drug Hooker Capital”!

YMM Podcast
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3 Responses to Episode 27 – Hookers and Blow? NO!

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  3. Over the last 18 months that I’ve been following Steve Reeve on Twitter I’ve been impressed by his stalwart devotion to Ft. McMurray and his notable wit. Steve’s amazing sense of humour coupled with his vocal support of his hometown community is infectious and inspiring.

    Theresa’s “McMurray Musings” blog came to my attention earlier this year when Councilwoman Kim Krushell of the Edmonton City Council suggested our crime rate was due in large part to “northern workers”. I took great issue with her statement and my ranting about it on Twitter opened a dialogue between Theresa and myself about the media perpetuated misperceptions and misconceptions about Ft. McMurray.

    We couldn’t be more proud to feature these two great #ymm people on the website and having never met either of them in person, it was a personal delight to listen to your podcast and discover more about both Steve and Theresa. The KikkiPlanet team cannot adequately express our gratitude for their contributions to our December edition.

    As for Toddske and Tito, we look forward to tuning into your podcasts on a regular basis and spreading the word amongst our #yeg tweeps so they can enjoy you as well.

    Great neighbours build great communities. I truly believe what is happening via our Twitter communities can facilitate a better understanding of each other and a better “bilateral community relationship”. Mad love to our #ymm tweeps from the #yeg twitter community.

    With gratitude,

    The KikkiPlanet Team

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