Episode 6 – Politcally Incorrect

Toddske and Tito learn the benefits of being hockey boys, why NOT to trust certain apps and how to be politically incorrect with our special guests!

YMM Podcast
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5 Responses to Episode 6 – Politcally Incorrect

  1. Patrick says:

    Gave it a listen for the first time. Actually not bad!
    Toddske often comes across as a huge dick on twitter, but after hearing the podcast, he’s alright.

    Decent show guys.

  2. Jesse Nash says:

    there’s an iPhone app telling girls when they’re not ovulating?…. ahh Jesse’s going to get a vasectomy

  3. Tarsand says:

    Boys do yourself a favor and stop the swearing. Your lucky the two girls didnt bolt. By the way to the guy who sounds like Peewee Herman dont quit your day job.

  4. Charles Gahl says:

    Hey Tito and Toddske:

    This is funny stuff. It was fun to listen to! Did you run the Chris Hill trailer thingy I had made on any of these podcasts? Wondering…

  5. Zackary says:

    What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

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